Welcome to GitHub Pages.

欢迎来到 GitHub Pages

This automatic page generator is the easiest way to create beautiful pages for all of your projects. Author your page content here using GitHub Flavored Markdown, select a template crafted by a designer, and publish. After your page is generated, you can check out the new branch:

自动页面生成器是创建美观的项目页面的一种最简单的方式。使用GitHub Flavored Markdown撰写你的页面内容,你需要选择一个设计模板,然后发布。项目创建完成之后,你就可以检出新分支。

$ cd your_repo_root/repo_name
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout gh-pages

If you're using the GitHub for Mac, simply sync your repository and you'll see the new branch.

如果你正在使用GitHub for Mac,sync你的仓库,你就可以看到新分支。

Designer Templates


We've crafted some handsome templates for you to use. Go ahead and continue to layouts to browse through them. You can easily go back to edit your page before publishing. After publishing your page, you can revisit the page generator and switch to another theme. Your Page content will be preserved if it remained markdown format.


Rather Drive Stick?


If you prefer to not use the automatic generator, push a branch named gh-pages to your repository to create a page manually. In addition to supporting regular HTML content, GitHub Pages support Jekyll, a simple, blog aware static site generator written by our own Tom Preston-Werner. Jekyll makes it easy to create site-wide headers and footers without having to copy them across every page. It also offers intelligent blog support and other advanced templating features.

如果你不希望使用自动生成器,也可以push一个分支名gh-pages到你的仓库,创建一个页面。为了支持有规律的HTML内容,GitHub Pages支持Jekyll,一个简单的由Tom Preston-Werner开发的静态博客网站生成器。 Jekyll的每个页面必须拷贝整个网站的头部和尾部,这使编写博客变得简单,他也提供智能的博客支持和其他的优秀的模板特性。

Authors and Contributors


You can @mention a GitHub username to generate a link to their profile. The resulting <a> element will link to the contributor's GitHub Profile. For example: In 2007, Chris Wanstrath (@defunkt), PJ Hyett (@pjhyett), and Tom Preston-Werner (@mojombo) founded GitHub.

你可以@mention一个GitHub用户名而创建一个他们的个人资料连接。结果 <a> 标签将连接到贡献者的GitHub个人资料页。例如:在2007年, Chris Wanstrath (@defunkt), PJ Hyett (@pjhyett), and Tom Preston-Werner (@mojombo) 创建了GitHub。

Support or Contact


Having trouble with Pages? Check out the documentation at http://help.github.com/pages or contact support@github.com and we’ll help you sort it out.

如果使用GitHub Pages有问题,你可以检出帮助文档 http://help.github.com/pages 或者联系 support@github.com, 我们会帮助你解决。