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在Windows上部署Jekyll 英文

2013-06-05    jekyll  windows 


Jekyll can also be made to run on Windows Operating System. This prefer when I am working on my office laptop which has Windows 7 installed on it.

Following packages are required to setup Jekyll on Windows:

  • Ruby & Ruby Development Kit : Can be installed from here
  • Jekyll
  • Python : I used the portable version available here
  • Pygments

1 Install the Ruby from http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ and install it to path such as C:\ruby

2 Install the Ruby development kit from here and extract it to path such as c:\devkit. Run the following commands

ruby dk.rb init

to generate the config.yml file to be used later in this Step

3 Edit the generated config.yml file to include installed Rubies. For example, in our case, it will look like this

# This configuration file contains the absolute path locations of all
# installed Rubies to be enhanced to work with the DevKit. This config
# file is generated by the 'ruby dk.rb init' step and may be modified
# before running the 'ruby dk.rb install' step. To include any installed
# Rubies that were not automagically discovered, simply add a line below
# the triple hyphens with the absolute path to the Ruby root directory.
# Example:
# ---
# - C:/ruby19trunk
# - C:/ruby192dev
- C:/ruby

4 Run the following command to install to DevKit enhance your installed Rubies. This step installs (or updates) an operating_system.rb file into the relevant directory needed to implement a RubyGems

ruby dk.rb install

5 Install Jekyll using following command

gem install jekyll

6 Now, you can start using Jekyll. If you require code highlighting using pygments as well, follow the additional steps as well. Install Portable Python from here

7 Now we need to install, easy_install. For python versions > 3, this can be installed fromhttp://pypi.python.org/pypi/distribute Download distribute_setup.py and run the following command in python

python distribute_setup.py

8 Now to install pygments, simply run this command:

easy_install Pygments	

9 Note that if you are using Python > 3 as discussed in this blog, you are likely to hit the following error when running Pygmentize

Liquid error: Bad file descriptor
TypeError: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitly

These are known issues and the resolution has been discussed here: https://github.com/rtomayko/posix-spawn/issues/17

This requires a change in C:\ruby\lib\ruby\gems\1.9.1\gems\albino-1.3.3\lib\albino.rb file.

I have created the gist of the changes required here

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